Helping You With - Movement - Diet - Happiness - Life Balance

Health Coaching

Helps you to find your own path to wellness. We all know what to-do for ourselves, but there are times we need accountability and support in achieving our goals. Health coaching with Tanya will help you balance your life around diet and exercise for long lasting results.

Holistic Personal Training

Fitness is such and important part of keeping healthy, well and lean. One on one holistic personal training with Tanya combines nutrition, exercises and accountability to help you get serious results.

Private Yoga

Yoga’s original intention is to help you connect deeply with your body and to become aware of its messages. Private yoga will allow you to explore this connection while being gently coached on the mind body unity.


Is a powerful way to help you break through your minds barriers allowing you to work on a deeper level within. It can be used for weight loss, pain management, anxiety and smoking cessation.

Super charge your fat loss

These FREE cheat sheets will show you how to Burn Fat, Build Mussel, and Get Into Shape Fast.

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